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My name is Jeff Gray and I am the author of several books and all of them are available on this website. I have been in public education for 12 years and private international schooling for 7 years. The books that I have written are precious to me as they express what I have experienced in schools. I hope that you will consider purchasing the books and share them with others. If you would like to talk to me please give me a call at (979) 716-8943 or email me at

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"There are numerous people that have made significant deposits into my work. They've not given me financial support or stock tips. These people have influenced the way that I think and the way that I work.  I would like to thank the following people for teaching me about teaching and/or leading:  Denise Gray, Mickey Dunaway, Theresa Jensen, Larry Lezotte, Janie Moseley, Erin Feldges, Jill Rone, Susanna Dalais, Bob Gray, 1000+ children at 3 different schools and last but not least the leader of the world's largest peaceful revolution... Jesus." Jeff.

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